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The Ins And Outs of How We Do Business

  • When Will My Service Start?
    We will do our best to get your first cleaning done on the next day after your trash pickup after receiving your completed application. After that, the reoccurring cleanings will be on the day we service your area/neighborhood.
  • How do we know when you are coming?
    Customers will receive an email and text the day before a scheduled cleaning to remind you to leave the bins out.
  • Do the cans need to be empty?
    Yes, the cans to need to be empty to properly clean & sanitize them. If there is a small amount trash left in the can, it will be bagged and left in the can after the cleaning or if there is too much there will be a service charge until the can is empty.
  • Can we have cleanings done on the same day as our pickup?
    We will strive to do our best to get cleanings done the day of pickups, but plan to have them done the day after due to inconsistent time of trash pickups. Same day cleanings of pickups will be scheduled later in the day to avoid trash still being in the bins.
  • What are the payment options?
    We use a secure online scheduling and billing system for online payments. An invoice will be sent directly after each cleaning that can be followed to your customer portal. Checks can also be mailed as well.

Payments Accepted

An invoice will be sent after each cleaning directly to your email and customer portal once signed up. Secure online billing with a credit card or mailed checks are acceptable. 

Find The Best Package For Your Budget

Cancellation Policy

Feel Free to cancel at anytime if felt necessary. Just gives us a call or login to your customer portal to cancel. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

Platinum Bin Washers strives to better the local community and surrounding areas by keeping your bins clean and platinum. Our Goal is to keep rodents/pests/ and stench out of your bins in your neighborhood, creating less hassle and worry at the end of your day. 

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